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PTS was founded in 1998 by pediatric clinical specialists who recognized the need for a more global approach to therapy services for children who need them. Our corporate skill set allows us to bridge the gap between clinical expertise and business acumen. The result: Excellent services with a constant focus on your bottom line.

The PTS approach combines clinical skills with top-level case management capabilities, innovative technology solutions and best practices honed from years in the classroom…and the boardroom. This provides you with a unique, integrated staffing solution that combines vision, accountability and exemplary levels of service.

We partner with school districts, teachers, therapists and parents to craft a therapy program designed around their specific needs and goals. Our management team also removes the administrative and supervisory burden of related services oversight – freeing our clients to focus on the critical issues facing their districts.

Our hands-on approach to management has made us “the company to work for” in the therapist community and has enabled us to provide an extraordinarily high quality of service to those with whom we work. PTS has been a respected provider of therapy services for more than a decade, adding additional clients each year. These relationships enable us to guarantee your program a stable team of highly-qualified therapists.

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