Diana Fongheiser

Managing Partner

diana2.jpgDiana Fongheiser, is co-owner and founder of Pediatric Therapeutic Services, Inc. with twenty years of business administration experience, her entrepreneurial impact in the field of education management is well-established.

As co-creator of BudgetWatch, PTS' unique, industry-specific technology, Fongheiser and her business partner, Pamela Hackett, MPT, have transformed school-based services. Before founding PTS, the two realized the potential to bring real change to the way that children with disabilities are supported in their school environment. With that objective in mind, together they founded PTS in 1998. 

Fongheiser's business interests are centered around activities that leverage a consultative approach to complex marketing and recruitment. Perhaps it is this focus that has helped PTS earn a reputation for having struck the delicate balance between innovation and stability. In doing so, her team works closely in conjunction with administrators and therapists alike, to address a wide spectrum of clinical, educational, budgetary, and professional issues.

Fongheiser’s contributions have helped PTS garner numerous local, regional, and national awards. She resides in Chester County, PA with her husband and children.