Gross Motor: Classroom Strategies

Heavy work activities require students to push, pull or lift objects with resistance.  This provides deep pressure or proprioceptive input which is both calming and organizing for the sensory system.  Heavy work activities also promote improved body awareness, as these joint receptors are activated.  Activities which use the upper extremities are ideal for pre-writing warm-ups, as they prepare students’ sensory systems for fine motor coordination.
Heavy Work Activities List
This downloadable handout provides easy and fun suggestions for incorporating movement and sensory input into whole class act activities.  Providing these movement breaks can improve attention and focus, so that students are more ready to learn. 
10 Simple Activities
This handout provides additional suggestions for incorporating movement into your classroom. 
Movement in the classroom
Studies have shown that incorporating movement activities into the classroom is beneficial for learning and attention.  The following abstracts and links will provide you with more specific information on how critical it is for students to be able to move during the school day.

Power Moves

These easy exercises incorporate calming and alerting strategies that help prepare kids to focus and learn.  They are ideal for whole class activities to increase strength, coordination and balance, while providing a needed movement break during the school day.  Please see our Power Moves training video in our video library for more information.
Power Moves Handout