November 2011: Beautiful Gate Gets Another PTS Visit

bgss1.jpgOn November 4, 2011 Pam Hackett, MPT initiated her third trip back to Beautiful Gates Special School in Mysore, India. BGSS was founded in 2005 by Special Educator Il Young Kim and Sunita Locklear, the mother of a child with a rare syndrome that resulted in developmental delays. These amazing women shared a mutual vision to establish a school for children with multiple disabilities, as there were no existing educational placements available in Mysore. They joined together to help disabled children find a path to health, education, and productive lives, while involving parents as active participants in the education process.  The majority of students at BGSS come from several slums within the city of Mysore, and for many it is the first school they have ever been able to attend.

bgss2.jpgPam has traveled to BGSS three times since 2008, providing teacher and parent training, direct therapy services to students and special education program consulting.  It has been an incredible blessing to see the progress the students have made in just four years.  The enthusiasm of the teachers and collaboration with parents in implementing therapy strategies has created a truly therapeutic environment for these children.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with the school and its dedicated team of teachers, parents and volunteers.

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View the 2011 BGSS Presentation below: