Candice Donnelly-Knox

Position: RtII Clinical Director

Role at PTS:  Candice provides supervision and managerial support to PTS therapists. Candice also provides administrative support to clients.

Location: Conshohocken, PA

Experience: Candice has been an OT since 2001 and has been a school based OT since 2003. Candice has experience in both public and approved private schools.

Time with PTS: Since 2010

Education: Candice is a 2001 graduate of Elizabethtown College.

Degrees: Bachelors Degree in Occupational Therapy

Certifications: Therapeutic Listening, Bal-A-Vis-X: Level 1, Level 2, and Adaptive

Prior History: Brainwaves for Kids - Co-owner (educational toy store for kids)

Candice has worked with children in both private and public school settings since 2003. She has experience in working with students with Cerebral Palsy, AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities, in addition to children with visual impairments.

Interests and Motivation: Candice enjoys organizing events and learning-experiences for school-based professionals such as Yoga Kids: Tools for Schools.  She was co-owner of Brainwaves for Kids, an educational toy store which was created to ‘set minds in motion.’