Make sure you're comparing apples to apples.


The special education landscape is constantly changing. As new challenges emerge, PTS has the tools you need to get real perspective on your therapy services. The Therapy Achievement Approach is a unique five-step process designed to optimize your related services program. This approach was developed based on years of experience tackling the challenges facing our clients as we transformed their therapy services into well-coordinated, dynamic assets of their special education programs.
Step 1. Assessment Gain clarity, insight and confidence with our comprehensive program review.

Step 2. Lesson Plan Together, we develop a strategic plan designed to deliver a transformative service experience for you, your students and your buildings.

Step 3. Classroom Activity The seamless implementation of your therapy services program including a host of supports and tools to ensure success.

Step 4. Report Card Our Budgetwatch™ Analysis Reports and quarterly meetings empower you as a manager to create and capture positive change in your related services.

Step 5. Conference Leveraging the perspective gained during the school year, we agree on goals which incorporate changing resources, budgets and goals to continuously refine your program.