PTS Career Ladder

We recognize that therapists are not just looking for their next “job;” ultimately they want a career. PTS offers a number of advancement opportunities that allow therapists to learn, grow, and achieve, both professionally and financially:

Program Coordinators

Program Coordinators provide an additional layer of on-site coordination at our large clients, implementing program initiatives, streamlining communication, and acting as liaisons between therapists and administration.

Clinical Specialists

PTS Clinical Specialists are available to PTS contractors and clients to act as mentors, clinical consultants, and in some cases program managers. Some clinical specialists also work as Task Force team members, working with a team of other professionals to consult on difficult cases and make expert recommendations.

Evaluation Specialists

These clinicians possess the expertise or credentials to perform specialized evaluations (such as the SIPT) for students in a variety of different educational programs.

Due Process Specialists

These therapists act as consultants to clients who are in due process as a result of therapy related issues. They provide expert evaluations, consult with administrators and attorneys, and are available for legal proceedings when necessary.

CFY Supervisors

PTS works with a certain number of speech therapists each year who are in their Clinical Fellowship Year. CFY supervisors provide the necessary supervision of these therapists and act as mentors and helping them mature into outstanding clinicians.