Useful Links

National Institute of Medicine- medical library access )

Handwriting without Tears- includes workshop schedule

Home site of the “How does your engine run?”
program for children with regulatory problems

A direct link to the book noted above would be:

Great site for LD issues- includes lots of suggestions
for handwriting problems

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Rules and Regulations:

Special Education- PDE General Information:

PDE Special Education Documents:

Forms and Formats for PDE:

Delaware Department of Education

Exceptional Children- Main page

Special Education Sites

Center for the Study of Autism-links to multiple
Autism Resources:

Award winning site re: special education law and

US Dept. of Education-IDEA Update Site:

Special Education News:

IDEA Practices: lots of info on current IDEA stan
dards and practice

Internet Resource for Special Children:

All Kinds of Minds: institute dedicated to understanding
different ways of learning.

Speech Related Links

Administrative Manual for Special Education Services (AMSES)
Answers any questions you have concerning the special
education process in the State of Delaware
Super Duper Publications provides this wonderful links
page for many categories of disabilities
Speech-Language Pathology& Ideas
This is a nice website that outlines developmental milestones up
to 6 years. A good visual resource for conversations with parents.
Speech Language Pathology Websites for Parents and Teachers
List of excellent Teacher and Parent Articles