April is Occupational Therapy month!

How will you celebrate Occupational Therapy Month?

One way to celebrate OT is to spend a little extra time “building our brand” by talking about the profession and educating our audience about what OT is! This may be as easy as talking to a student about why they attend therapy sessions, or verbalizing our objective with a particular activity to an aide or other support staff.

AOTA has many resources available for use to promote the profession. Of relevance for school-based occupational therapists, there is a color, trifold handout designed to illustrate the role and responibilities of occupational therapists for school administrators. The file is available here.

Also, there is an upcoming live chat being offered through AOTA, April 11 at 4 pm, called Collaboration Matters! A School Team’s Perspective. This is an awesome topic, relevant for all disciplines of Related Services, and you do not need to be an AOTA member to listen. If you are not available to listen tomorrow afternoon, the chat will be archived and available on the talkshoe website, with all the previous web chats as well, including chats on RTI, Obesity Prevention and Intervention, and OT Excellence in the Inclusive Classroom: the ASD Nest Model. Check them out here!

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