What to Look For in Your Next School-Based Occupational Therapy Job

Get the Flexibility You Need From a School-Based OT Position

Searching for your next school-based occupational therapist position? Finding an ideal position close to home and with guaranteed, flexible hours can be a challenge. Still, potential school-based therapists like yourself deserve the support and resources necessary to serve students to the best of your ability.

Are you ready to stop searching and start working? Get the most out of your next school-based occupational therapy job with help from PTS, Inc.

At PTS, we pair clinicians with clients that best fit one another’s needs. We take into account our therapists’ professional goals, clinical strengths, caseload preferences, and family and personal obligations—because you shouldn’t have to choose between family responsibilities and your career. When it comes to school therapy jobs, let our clinical directors help you find the flexibility and freedom you’re looking for!

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

“PTS is bridging the gap between what the school districts need and how we can best serve our independent contractors.”

Are you familiar with independent contracting? If not, we’ll break down the process and benefits for you.

Independent contractors differ from employees because they do not have taxes withheld from their pay; they generate income by billing their own service hours. In other words, making the switch can save you money! In addition, independent contractors have the ability to say yes or no to new work opportunities. They decide when and where to work and how many hours per week to put in.

school-based occupational therapy jobs
As an employee for a school district, your income tax, Social Security, and Medicare are withheld from your wages. You are often assigned a schedule and expected to abide by changes as they arise. As an independent contractor, on the other hand, you are your own business. You have more freedom to make decisions that best suit your personal and professional needs. Imagine how much more convenient your weekly routine would be!

In one of our informative webinars, Maria Unger, a PTS clinical director, discusses the independent contractor model and the benefits it can bring school therapists. See the full webinar for more information.

Are you a working parent looking to spend more time with your children? Do you want to transition from full-time to part-time without having to negotiate extensively? These changes can be more easily executed when you become your own boss as an independent contractor. Here are some more benefits associated with the IC model:

  • Manage and bill any expenses related to work. No more paying out of pocket.
  • Clock more paid time for tasks outside of your therapy sessions, such as reporting and taking notes. Get paid for all of the work you do, not just your primary responsibility.

Three Tips For Transitioning

Whether you decide to work for a school or work for yourself, beginning as a school-based therapist in a new environment may make you feel a little nervous. Our PTS clinical directors have a plethora of resources and support that will help you adjust to the new setting. On top of that, below are our top tips we recommend implementing once you get started:

  • Make connections
    As a school-based therapist, your professional relationships are essential to the quality of your work. Think of a school’s special education program as a team, and the teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and parents are your team members. Everyone must work together and communicate effectively to successfully support students. Our PTS clinical directors can give you tips on making a great impression.
  • Organize in advance
    At the start, you’ll have a lot on your plate. From familiarizing yourself with the school building to crafting your schedule to reading up on your students’ caseload notes, it can become overwhelming. PTS can assist you in organizing your time in advance once you accept a school-based therapy position (Keep in mind: as an independent contractor, making time for your work, your family, and yourself is a whole lot easier.).
  • Evaluate your resources
    What therapy tools does your new school district have available for you, and what do you need to retrieve? What about assessment forms and activities dedicated to improving certain skills? If something you need is not at hand, PTS will provide you with the necessary resources.

Find The School-Based Occupational Therapy Job of Your Dreams

“PTS is about making a really good match… where people should be and where people should stay, and how we can get people to be the best therapists they can be.”

You’re closer than ever to working as a school-based pediatric occupational therapist. Still wondering how this is all possible? The clinical directors at PTS were once in your shoes.

That’s right—we are not headhunters or professional recruiters. The members of our team all worked as school-based therapists and independent contractors, and we have over 75 years of combined experience! Together, we developed a list of priorities that we then molded into a service model called The Therapeutic Ecosystem. The three components of this model shape who we are as a company:

  • Team. At PTS, we offer our therapists on-site and off-site clinical support, growth opportunities, and mentorship with professionals. Our team operates within a powerful network of advanced techniques and best practices.
  • Tools. No matter what you do for a living, you cannot do your job effectively without the proper equipment. We are committed to providing in-services and shared therapist resources, including a Lending Library accessible to both therapists and teachers.
  • Technology. PTS has an interactive team website with additional tools and resources for therapists. We also offer online caseload support and have several social media outlets where therapists can interact and give one another tips and techniques on working with students.

“There are supports available at all turns when you’re at PTS.”

For more information about finding a school-based occupational therapy job as an independent contractor, contact our office at 610-941-7020.

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