Pediatric Therapeutic Services

Innovators in Pediatric Therapy Solutions for 20+ Years

More than 20 years ago, two women working at the same company discovered they shared a vision for delivering pediatric therapy solutions more efficiently and effectively.

Diana Fongheiser and Pam Hackett, co-founders and managing partners of Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), Inc.

Pam Hackett had been a contract therapist providing pediatric physical therapy (PT) in public schools. But she’d seen the school-based therapy system wasn’t meeting kids’ needs. Students with cerebral palsy were getting only a half-hour of therapy a week, for instance. Others who’d been referred to PT didn’t need it at all.

Meanwhile, Diana Fongheiser, who’d been managing a pediatric therapy staffing company, was seeing how the system failed therapists, too. Most were recent grads who hadn’t come from school-based practice. They struggled to overcome a steep learning curve while working in isolation from each other, without mentorship or supervision.

Diana and Pam knew their clinical and administrative experience had prepared them to reinvent the delivery of pediatric therapy services. They left the company where they were working to found their own.

Today, school districts across the greater Delaware Valley trust Pam and Diana’s company, Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), as the region’s premier pediatric therapy solutions provider.

Pioneering Data-Driven Decisions in Pediatric Therapy

Pam and Diana remember sifting through paper questionnaires in the company’s early days, preparing reports to help special education administrators run fiscally responsible programs.

Smiling female special education administrator sits at desk reviewing proposals for cost-effective pediatric therapy solutions.“Back then,” Diana recalls, “money was pretty easy to come by. We’d give these documents to administrators, and they’d say, ‘Oh, that’s really interesting.’ Then they’d toss them in the circular filing cabinet! But we stuck with it, because we knew, sooner or later, people were going to come looking for data.”

After the 2008 financial crash, they did! “Now administrators were forced to vigorously defend the decisions they’d made or were proposing in terms of forecasting, impact, and return on investment,” says Diana. 

But even as districts tightened the purse strings, more students needed related services. To meet this additional need without adding billable hours, PTS developed many tools still used in its Therapeutic Ecosystem model. “All kinds of games, toys, teacher handouts, in-services—anything we could do to deliver therapy without the therapist,” explains Pam, “and make sure kids didn’t fall through the cracks.”

See More Possibilities With Pediatric Therapeutic Services

Pam and Diana believe students with special needs present possibilities, not problems. And the company they founded turns those possibilities into effective, cost-efficient pediatric therapy solutions.

What could these solutions look like in your program? Contact PTS to claim a free related services audit. You’ll get practical suggestions for streamlining your services and making each of your therapy dollars work as hard for your students as possible.

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