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As educators and financial managers, you have the right to demand accountability on every level, from individual student progress to the efficient use of every minute of a therapist’s time.   

PTS has developed an award-winning, patent pending staffing management software called BudgetWatch which delivers on this promise. 

BudgetWatch™ allows PTS to collect data on critical aspects of your therapy program, such as caseloads, efficiency, referrals, therapy costs, and overall program effectiveness. With this information readily available, PTS then gives clients the power to take the management of related services to a whole new level. Regular analysis of this information is presented in an easy-to -interpret, graphic format in PTS Program Summaries.  

Budgetwatch™ is a key component of the Therapeutic Ecosystem™ building-level insight into key performance metrics that allow us to fine-tune the team’s performance and the outcomes of our MTSS/RtII solutions.

Program Summaries

PTS Program Summaries provide a concise overview of what is happening in your related services program.  In addition to the data that we collect, PTS Management analyzes trends, consults with therapists to uncover the driving forces behind those trends, and offers suggestions on how to improve the overall program. 

This enables us to work with our clients to make budget forecasts, control costs, pinpoint areas in need of additional teacher training, and correct small problems before they become big ones. It also allows you to compare trends from year to year, to get a long-term picture of what is happening in your therapy program.

Our newest feature, the Building Report Card, provides a big-picture view of the performance and resource utilization of every building in your district, helping you to better identify what is working and what isn’t in your therapy program.
Why BudgetWatch™ is the Most Efficient Way to Improve Related Services
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