Who Says You Can’t Have It All?

Customize your work schedule?

Get paid more for your productive time? Receive supports from trained professionals at every turn? Only in your dreams, right?

Not anymore! You can make these hypotheticals your reality by becoming an independent contractor with PTS. Our clinical directors will walk you through the process of transitioning and help match you to a school district that best meets your personal and professional needs.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • The difference between an employee and independent contractor
  • What you can gain from transitioning to an independent contractor
  • The supports and systems for achievement PTS can offer on your career journey

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Top 5 Reasons to Join PTS as An Independent Contractor

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By the Clinical Directors at PTS

Our Mission

Founded in 1998, Pediatric Therapeutic Services has consistently strived to bridge the gap between clinical expertise and business acumen. Our pediatric clinical specialists work best when they combine their top-level case management capabilities, innovative technology solutions, and best practices. When crafting a staffing solution, we integrated accountability and exemplary levels of service as some of our most valuable assets.

First and foremost, we care about our students. That is why we partner with school districts, therapists, teachers, and parents to shape a special education program that meets everyone’s needs. Because, when everyone has what they need and work collaboratively, our kids make the most progress. At PTS, we’ve found that clinicians do their job best when they are able to work as an independent contractor.

What is an independent contractor, you ask? This ebook will explain the difference between the employee and the independent contract (IC) models, and the benefits of becoming an IC therapist. Furthermore, you’ll experience the innovation and supports that make PTS the best therapy staffing service in the business.

Employee Model vs. Independent Contractor Model

As an employee for a school district, your income tax, Social Security, and Medicare are withheld from your wages. You are often assigned a schedule and expected to abide to changes as they arise. As an independent contractor, on the other hand, you are your own business! You’ll generate income by billing your own service hours; as a result, employee taxes are not withheld from your wages. And, when it comes to your schedule, you’ll have more freedom to make decisions that best suit your personal and professional needs.

Top Three Benefits of the Independent Contractor Model

“Becoming an IC therapist allowed me to coach a field hockey team in my spare time.” -Maria Unger, PTS Clinical Director

  1. Say yes or no to work opportunities. When you are an employee for a school district and your boss tells you you’re moving to work at another school in the district after several years of staying in the same place, you have no choice but to go. As an independent contractor, you have the option of saying no without repercussions.
  2. Make decisions for yourself. In an ideal work environment, you would be able to answer these three questions for yourself: Where do you want to work? When do you want to work? And how many hours per week do you want to work? Independent contractors get to prioritize their preferences. Clinicians who want to work close to home don’t have to travel far if they prefer not to. Working parents who only want to work three days a week can do so. Having the ability to customize your schedule in a way that works for you will benefit both your work ethic and the other aspects of your life.
  3. Make more money. Simply put, contracting companies pay more which allows you to make more money per hour, both upfront and in the long run.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Choose PTS

1. Therapist Achievement Approach: Making a Match

“At PTS, we ensure our therapists pair perfectly with our district needs.” -Maria Unger

This process enables us to place and support prospective therapists in the right school environment. We strive to make the best matches possible so therapists can confidently serve students. Here is what you will get from our five-step approach:

  • The Perfect Match Assessment: a brief interview designed to help us understand your professional goals and past experiences.
  • The Opportunity Alignment: an onsite location preview where you will evaluate your potential match and the administrator’s expectations.
  • The SmartStart Alignment: a meeting in which we will give you your own PTS Confidence Kit, containing a client’s goals, accurate caseload lists, schedule of PTS professional development workshops, and instructions for our online billing system.
  • The Onsite Alliance Network: continuous opportunities for you to receive onsite support, mentoring, and advocacy in your new position.
  • Year-to-Year Transition Support: a look at your future, where we help you prepare for your transition and secure a position for the next school year.

2. Stability

“PTS has been around for 20 years, and we have some clients that have been with us since the very beginning.” -Maria Unger

We maintain long and stable partnerships with our clients. Our clinical directors look programmatically at our client’s school to ensure they meet the education department’s goals. While maintaining our status in school districts, we make sure we continuously meet the evolving needs of administrators and clinicians.

3. Freedom and Flexibility

“The contracts that we’ve worked out with our school districts allow our therapists to bill for the productive time they need to do their job.” -Maria Unger

As an independent contractor, you can bill for your productive time, even if you are not physically in the school building. You also have more of a say in your schedule than you would as an employee.

Parents with young kids LOVE having a flexible schedule because it allows them to attend to other responsibilities during their off time and enables them to see more of their children during the day. Therapists currently working as a full-time employee can become a part-time independent contractor with PTS. Plus, working throughout the extended school year in the summer is your choice.

4. Supports

“Our goal is to provide therapists with resources that will ultimately benefit the kids.” -Maria Unger

The resources we provide for our therapists, teachers, and parents ultimately benefit the kids; our goal is to empower school-based clinicians to do their jobs spectacularly to best serve the needs of their students. Our clinical directors provide onsite clinical support, so even as a clinician new to the job, you never feel alone on your career journey.

One of our shared therapist resources is the PTS School Based Academy, a program for new therapists to learn the ins and outs of school-based practice. Participating therapists will learn how to write an IEP, manage their caseloads through optimal scheduling and the small group model, construct relationships with other school-based professionals, and familiarize themselves with the Multi-Tiered System of Support and Response to Intervention & Instruction (MTSS-RtII.) Walking our new clinicians through these features and responsibilities will boost their confidence when they show up for their first day of work.

5. Clinical Director Team

“PTS recruits the best therapists because the recruiters themselves are therapists; they’ve been where you are.” -Maria Unger

We do not use headhunters to recruit people; PTS’ Clinical Directors have worked as both school-based therapists and independent contractors. They have over 75 years of combined experience and have been in your shoes before. They know the ropes and are completely qualified to match and support you on your journey.


At PTS, we aim to fulfill the needs of both our clients and clinicians by making the perfect matches. We treat each therapist as an individual with varying needs, taking into account his or her clinical strengths, goals, professional, family and personal obligations, and caseload preferences. We assist our therapists in becoming independent contractors because we’ve seen people vastly benefit from the transition firsthand.

While some companies throw you straight into the fire, where you must navigate your school-based work options alone and research positions on your own time, PTS is the only company to provide opportunities for therapists to connect with others and work together as a community. Keep in mind, independent contractors does not mean isolated contractors; we have a network of professionals to support you every step of the way. We guarantee to match you to a school district where you’ll have long-term success and happiness.

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