Are Special Ed Services Costing Your District Too Much?

Get help bringing your related services budget in line.

The demands on your district’s special ed program are constant and costly.

Requests for functional behavior assessments for kindergartners struggling with disruptive behaviors… Parents demanding pediatric occupational therapy for grade-schoolers who haven’t mastered handwriting… Teachers who want children with even mild articulation errors to be in speech therapy sessions...

How can you best serve all your students who truly need help without letting costs get out of control?

Request a free Related Services Audit from Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) for answers.

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Simply show us the latest invoice from your current related services provider and other data from your program, and we’ll show you:
  • Objective analysis of your per session and per-student spending efficiency.
  • Workable solutions for streamlining your referral process so only students who need to be on caseloads end up on them.
  • Practical suggestions for helping therapists manage their schedules more productively.
  • Proactive ways to monitor costs and rein in expenses.
  • Effective strategies for getting greater accountability from your provider.
Let PTS point out immediate actions you can take to make your limited resources do more good for more students. Fill out this form and request your free Related Services Audit today.

Request Your Free Related Services Audit!

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